Would you rather be hated or forgotten?

This is the post excerpt.

The day I was born I was hated by others because of my gender .
I fought with the world in each and every moment of my life .
Some hate me because I do not share the same religion, habits or language.
I became the subject of hatred to those who considered me superior to them.
People whom I rejected because of different principles, also hate me .
I always wanted to fly but they kept their axe ready so that the moment I spread my wings they will cut them off.
Should I step back and sit behind those bars and get forgotten.
Those who find the answer in affirmative.
Go back to the history where Hitler preferred to be hated rather than forgotten. He ruled over the world inspite of the fact that he was being hated by everyone.
If you want to fly then break the cage and go out . Dare to spread your wings and take your ride .
So what do you prefer? Would you rather be hated or forgotten?

Think twice! !

Book review : Do I need to? in Love – by V. Raghupathy

There are few books you read because you are addicted to reading. Then some others because everyone else has read it but you, and then there are those books that you read because you know that somewhere between the pages, you will remain forever. Books that you eagerly wait for; like that distant music which falls on the ears, so sweet yet agonizing and wants you to get closer and feel it, revel in it. Such books are rare.

One of them is ” Do I need to?? In Love “

Author: V. Raghupathy
Genre: Teen, Adult Fiction, Coming-of-Age

Pages: 316

This is a coming of age story by V. Raghupathy. You will relate to one or more incidents in the story with yourself. He has penned down the emotions with great humor and sarcasm. Some moments are really frustrating when you get engrossed in the story.

The Blurb –

In a world that is predominantly camouflaged by the forces of power, lust & ambitions, is a boy who wants to cut through all of them and live by an ideology of his own. The idea of living life on his terms gets hit severely when he finds love in the girl whose ideology dissects that of the guy, which unleashes a series of passion, drama, sex, betrayal, chaos and cry but with the ultimate victory of “THE RIGHT.” The two players in any relationship have to be like the matching blocks of a puzzle fitting naturally, any effort to tamper them to match or mismatch leaves behind a catastrophe that can dent the following future. The guy is Rama and the girl is Smitha!

Review –

The title is very apt as once in a lifetime almost every person comes under a situation where s/he is force to think Do I need to? In Love. Same situation is faced by Rama, who wants to live by an ideology of his own but gets hit severely when he finds love in Smitha ,the girl whose ideology was somehow different from the guy. After a series of chit-chats, question-answers, eventually they start to like and then love each other. Everything goes well: talking over the phone, care and concern, family consent and then the engagement; their love script seems to be written by the God of love.
But the time when you start to enjoy their chemistry and love, and hope to see them united with the bond of marriage; there comes the heartbreak that no reader would have expected. Rama undertook a relationship which was very hard to maintain but he tried his very best to be in relationship facing all ups and downs but unfortunately failed to keep that.
Do I need to? In Love is a memoir of a courtship that didn’t reach its ultimate destination – marriage.This story will make you laugh, cry, frustrate,sarcastic, thoughtful at times, decisive at using your brains in a right manner, most importantly make you think twice Do I Need to? In Love. Its presentation of facts is done in such a realistic way, absolutely no camouflage and raw in its own way which makes you re-think and forces you to believe “life is worth living for yourself and those who actually love you unconditionally” and “not”, for them who you think or thought have loved you.
Even sketches made by Mrs. Ayushi Raghupathy ( wife of the author), reveals the theme and make the novel more interesting.

If you happen to read ‘Do I need to?? in Love or have already read it, do share your thoughts below.